As you slowly approach your birthday, I start to think what would be the best birthday gift as I always do.

Another toy?

Another shirt?

Another random x that will end up being thrown away?

Nah… you don’t need anything.  You have plenty.

Holidays and most birthdays I normally get you a zoo pass or a membership pass to some museum, so both your mom, dad and grandparents can enjoy taking you to these places many times throughout the year.  Life is about experiences, remember. You will not remember toys, clothes or anything else, but experiences last forever.

From the start, you had loving parents and grandparents that were there for you every step of the way truly keeping you in line.  Not everyone gets that, some have grandparents that both work or not even in the same area, so you should feel very privileged on this.

It’s been quite the ride through in your short years on the earth.  6 Years old.

So far you have dealt with 2 presidents, few wars overseas, a major depression, and a whole slew of issues and changes that have occurred in particular over the last year.  You’re a strong girl. Bright. Intelligent. Beautiful.

You’re a strong girl. Bright. Intelligent. Beautiful.


Intelligent. Beautiful.


What you may learned already is I am extremely honest.  I don’t hold anything back and if you ask anything of me I will tell you the truth. Regardless if you want to hear it or not.  I know you are able to do anything that you put your mind to it.  There might be some people trying to tangle you into some other format, but I see through these webs, and I see an intelligent person, that just learns slightly different which won’t have any issues in the future.  You know it already even as this young age, and I will be here always to help guide you.

I’m here for you if you need me.  Girl, I have been there anything you need to know I’m an open book.

My beautiful niece which most say looks like me.  And how could you not be beautiful, since you look like me 🙂 Your hilarious, fun, great to hang out with and we have some rad conversations.

Other than another membership present I didn’t to start writing you letters every year, discussing the year in a recap. Events. Hot topics. Anything really that comes up. Eventually, I will provide you them will all of them 🙂 And we will share the happy members and pictures.

Everyone loves you very much.  Mommy, and daddy although they might not be together, they will work hard to make you feel important since that is what truly matters.  Working together for a common goal, of one common connection YOU 🙂

I can’t wait to see you grow more throughout the years. Seeing how you change, the new conversations we have and the silly jokes you may share.

Happy Birthday my sweet niece!  Your future is strong and you can do anything if you put your mind to it…and WORK for it! 🙂